Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hats Off! A trip to catalonia

During good food month, a select few restaurants around sydney were involved in the hats off dinners. It was one night that the chefs could try there hands at a different cuisine. We decided on catalonia.
The dinner started with salt cod fritters.
Then moved to spanish ham and melon.
Giovanni, getting into the spirit!
Third course was kingfish escabeche, with tomato bread
Then onto seared scallops on a white bean puree, white anchovie salsa
Five courses in we got to pork belly, slow confied in lard. Served with wild mushroom ragu.
Lobster Catalan style!
And finally....... Creme Catalan!

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daniele said...

complimenti Giovanni , bellissime foto!!!!! sono chef anch io e sardo come te , adesso sono a los angeles e sinceramente non vedo l ora che arrivi marzo per venire a provare i tuoi favolosi piatti