Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Updates.

For this months update, i've been using a nikon d50. So my photo's should be a little better than the usual camera phone photo's.
This is a combination of pork terrine and seared scallops, with crispy ears, salsa rossa and fennel puree.
An addition to the suckling pig dish, we've started making our own pork sausages to accompany it.

Our first batch!!

Fettucine with ox tail ragu, and gremolata.
For easter in sardinia they make this pastry called "Pardulas" . We have been serving it with sheeps milk gelato and stuffed baked pear.
Spatchcock coated with truffle mustard and breadcrumbs made from carta di musica.
One of our original dishes, prawns with fregola.

Deboned lamb leg and shoulder, stuffed with fregola, fennel, and herbs. Served with roasted pine mushrooms.

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