Friday, May 29, 2009

Southern Italian Wine Dinner

Each course was matched with two great wines from different parts of southern italy. Matching the food to each region the different wines came from, for each course. It all started with assigini's of, Claire di lune oyster, with herbs, prosecco and echallots. Arancini filled with pork ragu, and a zucchini flower filled with smoked eel.
Then it was a seafood salad, marinated in lemon, olive oil, parsley and chilli.

For the pasta course we hand made orecchiette, with a lamb ragu, spinach, chilli, and grated baked ricotta.

For main course it was a duo of roasted meats. Giovanni's suckling pig, and slow cooked baby goat wrapped in pancetta. They were accompannied by a slice of eggplant parmagiana.

For dessert there was cannoli filled with ricotta, mascarpone, and candied zest, etc. Served with saffron and almond praline gelato and orange syrup.
Petit fours consisted of some traditional sardinian sweets. Torrone ( or nougat) and pardulas.

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