Saturday, September 12, 2009

Its been a while so.......

I finally found some time to gather up the new photo's that i had taken over the past couple of months. This is Maccarones di busa, with pork ragu. The Pasta is made by rolling the dough on a nitting needle or small rod.
Twice roasted duck, with artichokes and poached quince.
Veal backstrap wrapped in coppa, broad beans, and purple potato chips.
Duck consomme, with a fine julienne of veg and duck tortellini's.

This is a crudo (raw) of kingfish, that was a entree for another recent wine dinner. It was garnished with blood orange segments, baby herbs and verjuice.

Roasted Duck breast and confit leg, chestnut and jerusalem artichoke puree, purple potatoes and crisp. Glazed with mogolio.
Chicken terrine, pickled fennel, and crispy artichokes.
Trio of chocolate, consisting of a chocolate zippulas, a chocolate parfait and a coffee and chocolate creme tartlet.
Pan seared purple congo potato gnocchi, fresh broad beans, marjoram and gorgonzola.

Fillet of banksia beef, with cavolo nero and stuffed globe artichokes.
Spanner crab agnolotti's with fresh golden cherry and grape tomato sauce, drizzled with basil oil.


Anonymous said...

Goon on yas guys!!!!! Got another two hatters!!!! Keep it up everyone...its good to know how well u guys keep doin it....Mauricio Sanchez

Anonymous said...

Where is my picture as a previous long term employee??
Was Tom so much better than me;)
Miss u guys

Can I come back???

Flo the bavarian